How do I get a Democracy Preservation Kit?

  • The Democracy Preservation Kits were produced as a limited run of 500 with the intention of distributing them across the country at little to no cost, to help people get their messages seen and heard. Kits can be ordered free of charge on the "products" page, we simply ask for $8 to cover shipping.
  • Alternatively, a donation of $75 can be made to PROtest’s GoFundMe to secure a Democracy Preservation Kit from the limited supply.

What is the best way to care for my Democracy Preserver?

  • Your Democracy Preserver can be stored inside or outside of its pouch. Storing it folded in the pouch for long periods of time will not damage the Democracy Preserver.

  • Make sure the marker is completely dry before erasing your Democracy Preserver. Erasing while wet can cause the marker to smear and stain the vinyl.

  • Additional, dry-erase cleaning spray and soap and water can be used to clean your sign.

How do I inflate and deflate my Democracy Preserver?

  • The Democracy Preserver has two valves: one for the handle and one for the sign. The valve design is what is known as a “check valve,” meaning it has two openings one for air to enter and the other for air to leave.

  • To inflate: open the exterior cap and breathe into the valve.

  • To deflate: open the interior cap and allow the air to escape. Use gentle pressure and roll the Democracy Preserver to completely deflate.

How do I repack my Democracy Preserver in the carrying pouch?

  • The Democracy Preserver was designed to fit snugly in the PROtest carrying pouch.
  • The illustration below provides visual directions.
  • Start by folding the hand up to valve on the face of the sign then down at valve 2.
  • The hand should be within the border of the sign face.
  • Next, fold either side of the sign about halfway to the handle.
  • Now, take the folded sign and fold it over again; this time about half.
  • Lastly, fold your sign into thirds. Now it should be the perfect size to fit into the pouch.

Can I recycle the Democracy Preserver?

  • The Democracy Preserver is made of recyclable vinyl. Recycling of vinyl materials has been ongoing and robust for decades. As a result, several markets have developed for applications that consume these reclaimed materials. The Vinyl Institute contracted with Tarnell Company, LLC to survey recycling firms in North America and confirmed that some 1 billion pounds of pre- and post-consumer vinyl materials are recycled annually.

  • Access this list of North American Recyclers to find a vinyl recyler in your area.

How big is the Democracy Preservation Kit?

  • The Democracy Preservation Kits weighs 14 ounces and measures 10" w X 7-5/8" h.

What other products does PROtest have?

  • PROtest’s first round of products included the Democracy Preservation Kit as well as the contents: the inflatable, dry erase Democracy Preserver, 3 chisel-tip, dry erase markers, and a carrying pouch. PROtest is currently prototyping other products that align with the mission to help people get their messages seen and heard. Stay tuned!