Professional Gear for the "Professional Protester."


The Story

In January of 2017, we drove from Cincinnati to D.C. to join the millions of people participating in the Women’s March. In preparation for the trip.

The people, the place, and the energy made the day inspirational and encouraging, but for us, the signs were the pinnacle. There were funny ones, profound ones, encouraging ones, and cantankerous ones. They were true alchemy.

On our drive home, we reflected on our experience and began discussing ways in which we could bring our design backgrounds together to positively impact future peaceful demonstrations and again returned to the signs. People had been so inventive not just with the content of their signs but also with the display. There were signs with swim noodle handles, rain-proof signs wrapped in plastic, and signs worn as necklaces. We wondered if there was another way.

Somewhere in West Virginia, PROtest began to take shape: a line of products to help to keep protests and demonstrations peaceful and safe while sending a clear message.


Democracy Preservation Kit

The Democracy Preservation Kit is PROtest’s flagship product package. This four-piece kit includes everything you need to get out and get active. Weighing only 14 ounces and measuring 10" x 7-5/8" h, the Democracy Preservation Kit is small in size but big in impact.