The Democracy Preservation Kit


The Democracy Preservation on Kit includes everything you needs to get out and get active.

Weighing only 14 ounces and measuring 10”w x 7-5/8”h, the Democracy Preservation on Kit is small in size but big in impact. Whether you are a seasoned protester or a recent activist, the lightweight, reusable Democracy Preservation Kit makes protesting easy and accessible. Grab and go practicality couples with easily convertible messaging to help you stand up and speak out while conforming to protest safety guidelines across the country. 

Democracy Preservation Kit

The Democracy Preservation Kit is available free of charge. The $8 fee covers shipping & handling. Limit one kit per customer.

Note: We cannot guarantee arrival in time for the 2018 Women's March.

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The Democracy Preservation Kit Includes:


For additional information on how to care for, store and recycle your Democracy Preservation Kit, visit our FAQs page. 


Future Products

In 2018, PROtest will expand its product line to include three new products.  These diverse offerings create new and engaging PROtest possibilities and stay true to the mission of using design solution to positively impact activism.

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The no-bullhorn

PROtest again couples functionality and form with its no-bullhorn. A collapsible megaphone that fits easily into a standard, backpack, the no-bullhorn is about straight talk and protest magic. Make your voice louder (literally) and chant, direct, or pronounce as you please. No batteries or straps keep the no-bullhorn’s sleek and satirical look on point.

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A lightweight cotton tee transforms into the The Radical Transparen-Tee with the addition of a see-through ID holder made of clear vinyl. Functionally, the Transparen-Tee makes it easy to carry and display your ID but socially, it sends a louder message. Proudly proclaiming who you are by planting your ID in the ID holder and says to those around you that you stand behind your message and come, with your identity on full display, to act both peacefully an lawfully.

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While red, blue and black are our core marker colors, we'd like to offer dry-erase marker expansion packs in cause-specific color runs.