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John Dixon is a Serial Entrepreneur, and Assistant Professor of Practice of Industrial Design at the College of DAAP at the University of Cincinnati.. Guided by imagination, function, and social impact, John lives and works within a niche that is both considered and considerate. Equally adept at fabricating furniture and housewares and conceptualizing socially guided products, John loves to dig in - always going beyond what is asked or even needed. For John, product design is a journey through which he can demonstrate the value and the impact that design can have on people, spaces, and ideas.

Photography. Bike riding. Ceramics. Woodworking. Travel. Fermentation. General tinkering. His dog. There are few things that John isn’t into except rollercoasters; he hates them.


Mara Dixon is a Creative Strategist and Presentation Designer. Her work has been seen at TED and the World Economic Forum, and she’s collaborated with a wide range of brands and organizations such as The Obama White House, 20th Century Fox, and Athleta. She brings expertise in brand-building and impactful storytelling. This background, as well as a deep-seated, personal commitment to progressive advocacy and problem solving help her to empower people around the world to build, believe, and connect in meaningful ways.

In her free time, Mara DJs under the name EggsBenedixon (she’ll put you in a hollandaze), plays guitar, rock climbs, and uses too many puns.


Claire Gerdsen is an education and management professional with seven years of instruction and training experience in domestic and international settings. Combining roll up your sleeves commitment with a thoughtful social and science driven perspective, she excels at translating business goals and objectives into action. Combining insight, strategy, concept, and execution, Claire effects continuous improvement in project-based environment through simplicity and collaboration.

At 31, Claire has lived in four different countries and traveled to more than thirty, earned two Masters’ degrees, gotten scuba certified, mastered Mary Berry’s tarte au citron, and she’s only getting started.



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